When we are waiting on what we know that God has promised us, it can be extremely difficult to be a gracious and patient waiter. Maybe the waiting part is what we have resigned ourselves to and can accept that the promise may be far off. But when we don’t know when the promise will be fulfilled, how it will be fulfilled, or we simply are not good at waiting, we miss the joy and beauty along the way.

It’s as if God has given us hope of our true longings, that He placed in our hearts to begin with, and asked us to trust that He can do a better job of giving us what we want and need than we can. We somehow think that we are able to bring about our desires if we can just get our hands on them and make it happen. How often that blows up in our faces. By often, I mean every single time.

God desires to use the time of waiting to shape and mold us. To soften our hard edges and to quiet our spirits and to speak only when we are quiet enough to listen. That is when he calms us and soothes our anxious thoughts with greater promises and  words meant only for us. When we finally reach this place, we wonder why we thought we knew better. Why it took so long to wear us down to the point we could relinquish our hold.

Maybe next time we’ll let go a little sooner.